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How-to build your own Sous-Surveillance

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How-to build your own Sous-Surveillance

Few things asked :

  • Be against the videosurveillance/cctv
  • Gather few people (a group of friend, a collective...doesn’t need to be that much) to launch the website.
  • Organize at least one public event per year (screening, debate, food-sharing, carto party...).
  • Participate to the network sous-surveillance (don’t hesitate to propose news about cctv, contribute to wiki.sous-surveillance.net, etc...). If it’s possible, at least one person of the colletive join one of the 4th commissions (see below)
  • At least two people of the collective have to received emails of the main email list (Carto mailing list : see below)
  • Keep us updated about collective’s activities, like sharing prints, stickers, texts.
  • Validate cameras added on the website’s collective.

Compass : Different websites of Sous-Surveillance project

  • The main website : You will find news against cctv, project introduction, the cities mapped and few links.
  • Collectiv’s websites: ****.sous-surveillance.net local cctv mapping and proper news about the collective who can mixed news about the city and news’s collective.
  • The wiki: The goal of this wiki is to "merge" informations about the surveillance to build a base of datas to fight against surveillance (applications, technologies, tools and all of theirs features... and also clients...). This wiki is collaborative.
  • The crabgrass: Working space and documentation space of the projet sous-surveillance. We have few comissions (acceuil, news monitoring, techno, automedia). Lot’s of files availables.
  • Le redmine : Work plateform for the tech team, with bugs monitoring.

Commissions and mailing list

Commissions :

  • Documentation commission : Who worked for the main website sous-surveillance.net and different cities ***.sous-surveillance.net, and wiki.sous-surveillance.net. Everybody can contribute, DO IT ! All news are validated by a member of the commission. If you want an access to the wiki. Ask it !
  • Welcome commission : You probably get redirectif from this list. That the list where people get help to set up a new website.
  • Tech commission: Manage all IT specs of the project. Bugs corrections, updates, etc.
  • Mailing list per cities : If you a mailing list per cities, tell us !


The project use IRC where you can discuss to us about what you want related to the project. If you need help about what is IRC check http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/IrcHowTo
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